Places We Could Never Find Alone

One of the poems in Millard Dunn's collection is an epithalamiona wedding song—written for the wedding of a friend's daughter. The bride's father, an accomplished musician, set it to music for a six-voice a-capella choir, to be sung at his daughter's wedding.


     for Brittany and Scott

To know another’s mind

Almost better than you

Know your own—to taste her

Joy by how her eyebrows

Bow towards you, her grief

By how her tight shoulders

Hold themselves as still as

Death, and know that loving

Her beyond the death you

Know is coming cannot

Cushion grief, or make it

Go away. But you are

There, and know that she knows

Her grief belongs to you

As well, and all the joys

You bring each other now.

To see the musical setting, click here.  


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