Places We Could Never Find Alone

a collection of poetry by Millard Dunn

Having read and enjoyed Millard Dunn's poems for several decades, it is a thrill to read this new collection. Every poem earns its keep with a moment of delight or insight. Millard Dunn gives us the essence of poetry: complete, significant, well-wrought language.

    —Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab's Wife and Adam & Eve

If you read poetry for pleasure, you'll find much to be joyful about here.  Millard Dunn's beguiling metaphors and gentle ambivalence engender repeated occasions for belief.  By putting the right words to our feelings, he bridges the gap between our infinitesimal smallness and our glorious mortality.  His poems not only acknowledge our humanity but shape it into something akin to holy writ.

    —Jerry Bradley, author of The Importance of Elsewhere



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